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MC2 Business Cards - Full Colour 2 Sides, Gloss or Matt Laminated Front, DIY Artwork, Free Delivery Australia!


Introducing the MC2, our sexiest business card as voted by Australian small business. This business card is by the far the most popular product because of its silky-smooth, matte finish.

"MC1" Business Cards have the same silky matte finish on the front, however the back side is left unlaminated so you can write with a pen easier.


MC2 Business Card Features
2 Sides Full Colour 2 Sides
Matte Celloglaze 2 Sides
360gsm Heavy 360gsm stock
Round Free Round Corners (Optional)
Free Delivery Free Delivery Australia wide

Smoothing out colours

Matte celloglaze has a smoothing and dulling effect on printed colours. Unlike gloss celloglaze that can make colours intensify and "pop", matte laminated business cards will speak elegance and class to your customers with a feeling of silk or satin on your fingers. Matte laminate will give a feeling of luxury to your brand.

Matte celloglaze laminated onto a printed "black" colour may give the slight impression of a "charcoal" colour. The matte coating will give a similar effect to other colours, as it will filter the light that reflects off the surface of the business card.



Because the MC2 is laminated on both sides, your business card has a consistent feel from the front to back. The matte celloglaze is very strong, making the business card very very hard to tear, and moisture resistant.

Try and tear a double-matte business card and it will bend under the pressure instead of instantly tearing like uncoated card.

The double laminate also makes your business card feel more sturdy, thicker and heavier.


Round Corners

Round corners are available as FREE optional trim to your MC1 and MC2 business cards. The corner radius is 3mm, and must be on all four corners for the free offer. Other trims and die-cut shapes are available for an extra fee.

See our business card printing pricelist here.


Writing on Celloglaze

Matte laminate can be difficult to write on with most pens, so if you require a space to write an appointment time or phone number, consider leaving one side of your business card unlaminated - which would make the card our "MC1" card.



Free DeliveryOur MC2 print run is one of the faster products to print, with an average of 7 days turnaround, and as fast as a couple. Delivery is usually next-business day by courier.

All Australia Print products come with FREE delivery Australia wide!


Perfect for 3D-UV!

Matte celloglaze is the perfect base to add 3D-UV, our raised spot-gloss varnish. This clear, tactile finish can highlight your important parts of your business card design such as your logo.

Read about our 3D-UV Business cards here.


Business Cards

Free Sample Pack


Free Sample Pack
To experience our MC2 business cards for yourself, request one of our FREE sample packs to be mailed to you.

We'll send you a sample of each of our most popular business cards with different finishes so you can see and touch them for yourself before you print.

Request your free sample pack here!


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“The MC2 business card is all about smooth & sexy feels!"



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