How long does printing take?

Here are our average turn around times for printing. Please use these times as a guide, not a guarantee. These times start from the time you approve your proof, and payment has been made in full.

Most Business Cards
7 - 10
Express Cards
EC Business Cards
7 - 15
Recycled Cards
10 - 15
7 - 10
7 - 10
Fridge Magnets
up to 15
Invoice Books
up to 15
up to 15

Turnaround time can often be much faster, but can not be guaranteed like our Express Business Cards.

Products with special requirements such as trimming or special inks will also take longer. Time for designing your cards is also extra.

How much does delivery cost?

Nothing, its FREE, all products, anywhere in Australia.


What format should my artwork be in?

All the details in regard to artwork requirements are on the DIY Artwork Page of each printing product. Alternatively we can design your artwork and add some salt to your image. View our DIY Artwork Guidelines.


How do I place my order?

All the details in regard to sending your order are on the order page of each printing product. We require all orders to be placed via the website, click here to order.


Can you print smaller quantities?

To sell at the best possible prices we print in bulk, meaning we have decided on certain quantities and types of printing products. 500 is the smallest quantity we will print.

I don't need many cards printed, can I split your minimum quantity into 2 or 3 sets?

No sorry, our minimum quantity for each set is outlined on our pricelist page, such as 500 for laminated cards, or 250 for our EC range. Each set of business cards will need to be ordered as one of these minimums.


Can I design my own artwork?

Yes you can design your own artwork. All the details in regard to setting up your DIY artwork is explained for each printing product. There are no upload or proofing fees. View our DIY Artwork Guidelines.

Can I scan my old printing and send it to you?

This is possible, but it will not produce the best results. If you are doing this, please make sure your scan is at least 300dpi. If you request that we 'clean up' your scanned artwork, this may result in extra costs.


Why does it cost money for Australia Print to edit my artwork?

Editing artwork takes time and expertise, even for small tasks like changing one small number in artwork. Our artwork editing prices cover expenses for professional graphic designers, hardware & software

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